About Dr Druzy

 Dr Druzy Gem Medicine

Practitioner of all things gemstone & specialist in kick-ass good vibes

I’m Kristy, an intuitive jewellery designer. I make kick-ass gemstone jewellery which I infuse with good vibes to help your inner ‘freak’ shine. I’m so proud to be able to offer you fellow crystal lovers some feel good gemstone statement pieces. Jewellery with good vibes, jewellery with purpose, jewellery to empower, support, encourage, enlighten and make your soul shine.

Thank you all for supporting my small business with each purchase, like and comment on social media. I do a little happy dance with each of the above.

I am always here to answer questions or custom make pieces. Just send an email;


Dr Druzy is ever changing and opening doors for creativity. 2020 is no different, so watch this space.