About Dr Druzy

The good and the painful 


I'm not going to lie... the road to Dr Druzy was dark and painful.

Picture a forest that has burnt to the ground.

Dark, quiet and lifeless.

That was me; I was very lost. Years of suppression, control and emotional abuse had taken my voice and scarred my soul. It had been years since I was allowed to express myself honestly. I had no idea who I was or what made me happy, and my world began to collapse around me.

Little did I know at the time, but that "charred forest"--although lifeless at first glance--had just created a new environment for growth. Though extremely painful, this transition paved the way for some pretty significant shifts in my universe.

There was the timely arrival of a deep green Pounamu and dreams of the most beautiful full stone ring I had ever seen. These rekindled a spark in my soul and deep healing in my being.

My passion for crystals was reborn. With new-found freedom to express myself, my creativity took on a whole new level. My attitude began to change. The once timid human was now a strong, badass woman. I was never going to get walked on again!

So many pieces were coming together, brewing something magical. Dr Druzy and all those embodied good vibes sprang into being. I began to draw from my own experiences. I set out to empower, uplift and encourage through creating powerful statement jewellery with a touch of sass.

Being on the other side of darkness has put me in a position to help, heal and spread good vibes to people, all over the world. And that in itself brings me so much joy!


Our Values

The range of products at Dr Druzy ebb and flow, but the core values always stay the same:


  • Kick-ass good vibes
  • Empowerment
  • Realness
  • Soul sparkle with a touch of attitude
  • Customer service above and beyond expectations


Where are we?

  • Dr Druzy is based in a sunny studio in Horowhenua, New Zealand.
  • Crystals are all ethically sourced and ALWAYS natural stones.
  • If I ever need to add resin or glass embellishments to any jewellery, I will always state this on the product description. You will never find glass/opalite labelled as moonstone, or Blue Howlite labelled as turquoise (seriously, don't get me started on companies who mislead people like that).
  • I value realness, and that goes for my stones too.
  • Some products are designed here and formed off-site. I currently don't have the tools needed to complete these pieces, but this will hopefully change soon.
  • All products are sold online at DrDruzy.com and at local markets. Dates and locations for these are updated on the Facebook page, so be sure to like and follow us here for all upcoming events.


The Nitty Gritty of Dr Druzy

Dr Druzy is committed to making and supplying products that help people embrace their true power, their individuality, their confidence. I want you to have the courage to show the world who you are, with a touch of sass. 

Your orders are processed and packaged promptly, and all orders are infused with the signature Dr Druzy kick-ass good vibes. I could make all the claims in the world here, but I think it best if you hear from the customers themselves.


"These pieces are beautiful. The customer service is definitely above and beyond"
- Lindsay, USA via Etsy here


 "Gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful, elegant, unique; unlike any other carved stone ring I've seen before. Comes with a beautiful, classy and unique storage box. Will continue to buy from Dr Druzy. Fast shipping and excellent customer service. I'm extremely happy with this company and their stunning carved stone rings. Awesome seller, highly recommended! Thanks, Kristy"
Maria, USA via Etsy here


"Absolutely stunning! Love the energy! The seller was amazing! Delivered way before it was due to arrive! Thank you so much for this beautiful ring".
- Sonya, USA via Etsy here



Thank you

Thank you for stopping by my small business! I hope Dr Druzy has something for you. Here, you will only find real crystals, real vibes, real stories, real products, real emotions and freedom - the freedom to be you and express yourself in any way you choose. The products that catch your eye can accompany you on your journey, and help you shine while giving the middle finger to anyone trying to hold you back.


Whatever brings you here, reading this 'about' page. Whatever your story, whether you are only browsing for badass statement jewellery or on a path of deep soul searching. If you are in the depths of darkness or have been through the rough and found the light, I wish you all the kick-ass good vibes in the universe.


I am always here to answer questions or custom design pieces. Just send an email;




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Dr Druzy About Us

I’m Kristy, an intuitive jewellery designer. I make kick-ass gemstone jewellery which I infuse with good vibes to help your inner ‘freak’ shine. I’m so proud to be able to offer you fellow crystal lovers some feel good gemstone statement pieces. Jewellery with good vibes, jewellery with purpose, jewellery to empower, support, encourage, enlighten and make your soul shine.

Badass Enamel Pin Brooches at Dr Druzy. Let's face it, who doesn't need one of these at some point! (coming soon).

Dr Druzy rough, chunky, raw, 'in yo face' statement rings, definitely tell the world that you aren't afraid to be different and stand out in the crowd! They also have the added metaphysical properties, which provide an extra oomph of kick-ass good vibes. The full range of raw, kick-ass good vibes rings can be found here

The Hokitika Pounamu that started it all.


Dr Druzy Gem Medicine


 "Badass, statement jewellery to accompany you on your journey, helping you shine while giving the middle finger to anyone trying to hold you back!"


Horowhenua, New Zealand